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Architectural competition on Plac Małachowskiego resolved

Jul 16 2014

On July 16th, a jury led by Andrzej M. Chołdzyński presented the results of a competition to redesign Plac Małachowskiego. The jury decided not to award a prize for first place because none of the submissions fully implemented program assumptions set out in the regulations.

Second place was awarded to Grzegorz Stiasny and his team including Jakub Wacławek, Jan Bagiński, Filip Dzimwasha, Adam Kluczek and Karolina Kuczyńska.

Although the project was recognized as the best, it did not provide an adequate exposure to all four neighboring buildings and contained no original proposals for cultural or social activities.

The winning work foresees creation of „Promenade of Museums” with Circle of Art, namely a metropolitan space dedicated to an intensive use which will connect The State Ethnographical Museum in Warsaw with Zachęta Gallery and foreground of The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church leading to the Saski Garden. The project also introduces a "piazzetta" of Burschego Street - the former courtyard of the church. The work also tends towards the "archaeological" gradual reduction of existing ground to the lower level of the church and subordinates this part of the square to pedestrians, creating the conditions for cultural activities and meeting places.

According to the announcement by Mayor Wojciech Bartelski, the proposed square could be created by 2016 as part of the city center revitalization effort.

The competition is the result of a three year cooperation of Śródmieście district’s authorities, The State Ethnographical Museum, Zachęta Gallery, Hochtief, Kulczyk Silverstein Properties and The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, as well as previously conducted public consultations.

220 applications were submitted, out of which 206 were entered into the next stage. Ultimately, 51 proposals were selected, out of which 16 did not meet the regulations.

All submitted works will be exhibited in The State Ethnographical Museum until the end of July.

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