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Kolonie Letnie / Summer Camp in Ethos

Jul 4 2014


Pop-up stores featuring fashion, photography, books and confectionery art appeared on Three Crosses Square retail space in Ethos, which soon be renovated, was offered to representatives from creative professions to use for the summer. Ethos will host a finalist of Project Runway - Maciej Sieradzky, Leica Gallery Warszawa, bookshop Bookoff and pastry artist Iga Sarzyńska. This project, known as “Summer Camp” will be open until the end of August.


Sweet Workshop

Iga Sarzyński, from Kazimierz Dolny represents a fourth generation of confectioners in her family. Her workshop of sweets will operate until July 20th. To decorate the walls of her pop-up store she used more than six thousand pink meringues. She presents her latest collection of cakes, cookies and muffins in the atelier. Iga’s  workshop is the first Polish patisserie placed on a list of World of Talents in the magazine Wedding Cakes.


Photography, Albums and Books

Summer Camp has also established a partnership with Leica Gallery Warszawa gallery of art, photography and documentaries as well as Bookoff, one of the most recognizable art bookstores. Since 2012, Leica Gallery Warszawa has been a part of the gallery Leica associated with nine institutions in nine cities around the world, including Warsaw. So far, Warsaw gallery hosted over 30 exhibitions of the best Polish and world-renowned photographers. Bookshop Bookoff is in its temporary boutique located on Three Crosses Square will have a great sale with more than 1,500 titles through the end of the summer.


Fashionable Three Crosses Square

Another member who joined Summer Camp with his concept store is Maciej Sieradzky – a finalist of the first Polish edition of Project Runway. In his workshop, located on Three Crosses Square, he will create a collection which will be presented in the autumn. Karina Snuszka, interior architect, will be responsible for the design and arrangement of the boutique.

Another participant of the project is Kolorowe Trampki - owners of the studio designing and printing graphics onto shoes such as Converse, Vans and Torna. An interesting mobile station design will be located directly in front of the building.


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