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Kulczyk Holding Donates to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Jul 2 2012

Jewish Museum

Kulczyk Holding became a Notable Donor to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Dr. Jan Kulczyk’s investment house donated PLN 20 million to the world’s first and only museum devoted entirely to the history of Polish Jews.

The largest single donation will be used for the construction of the exhibition called "1000 years of the history of Polish Jews" and for the patronage over the auditorium of the Museum. This is Poland’s first public-private institution of this type developed jointly by the government, local government and NGO.

The construction of the Museum, which was envisioned 17 years ago, can now be realized through the cooperation of many individuals and institutions, including business support. Based in Warsaw, the institution will be a modern and multi-media cultural center dedicated to promote the cultural richness associated with a historic presence in Poland of the largest Jewish diaspora in the world.

"Financial support for culture is a measure of social responsibility of business. Companies and cultural institutions can work effectively together, particularly if they share common passion and values​​. This is a great way of sharing your own success! The mission of the museum dates back to the deepest layers of humanity - is a form of messages addressed to the young generation and future generations of visitors ... The messages designate the shape of Europe we want: solidary, democratic and above all tolerant - says Waldemar Dąbrowski, CEO of the Grand Theatre - National Opera, representative of the Minister of Culture for the construction of the Museum of the History of Polish Jewish.

The museum’s exceptional potential demonstrates the fact that the project attracts people and institutions around the world. In addition to the Kulczyk Group project so far includes other ambassadors, i.a.:

Monika and Wiktor Markowicz, Zygmunt Rolat, Tad Taube and Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, Koret Foundation, Bonita Trust, Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, Janette and Aleksander Goldberg, Orange, Warren Hellman and Warren Hellman Family Fund, The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, Jeanette and Joseph Neubauer as well as The Neubauer Family Foundation, The Oliwensteins and the Radzyminskis, Carmit and Ygal Ozechov as well as Tomek Ulatowski, Irene Kronhill Pletka and The Kronhill Pletka Foundation, Government of Federal Republic of Germany, Helena and Jack Tramiel.

„(…) We realized on time that this is the last moment to refresh the memory of both Nations, fed not only by 'ages of suffering', but also by a common joy, tradition, language and identity. I am proud that my ministerial time is a part of this unique act of creation, which is building a Memorial Museum – The Museum of the History of Polish Jews” says Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Donors, the Council of the Museum, and 56 members of The Polish Museum Construction Support Committee are jointly responsible for the success of the project.

The Committee includes notable individuals such as: Władysław Bartoszewski, Rev. Adam Boniecki, Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Prof. Marek Safjan, Adam Rotfeld, Tomasz Stańko.

The opening of the Museum is planned in the second half 2013.


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