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Information about cookies


“Cookies” are small text files containing data sent from the website and stored in the user’s computer or any other user’s equipment. 

The www.ksprop.com website uses cookies for the purpose of recognizing personal preferences of users and logging information. In other words, cookies used by the service allow to recognize the user’s computer during his next visit to the website and are used solely for the purpose of facilitating access and use of the service.
The www.ksprop.com service uses, and allows third parties (Google AdWords, GoogleAnalytics) to use cookies for statistical purposes and advertising.
It is the user who decides whether he wants cookies to be downloaded by his computer. He can deactivate or completely switch off cookie files in his own computer browser options or select the appropriate options of his firewall programme. He can also remove/delete all the cookies downloaded so far.
The user can block the Analytics service for display advertising or adapt advertising offered by the Google advertising network in Ads Preference Manager.
However, switching off cookies may cause disadvantages in using our service.


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